River Tanker

Ship transporting liquids to chemical industrial centers at the seaports and along the European waterways.

This model (length approx. 27cm) is the first of a series of modern ships which will become available as resin model kit this year.

As most of the parts will be produced as complete as possible, the package will contain just a few pieces. Those pieces will be manufactured in a way that they fit straight into the right slots. The resin parts will be coloured on forehand in its main colour. Without any model building experience a professional scale model can be created in a very easy way. The stripings, flags and vignettes, which are amongst the parts in the kit, are to be used for the completion of the scale model.

To keep the scale models in good shape we recommend to use our show cases, which we provide seperately in show case kits with authentic brass props to support the scale model and a wooden (teak, mahogany, etc.) footboard.

From now on we want to make it possible for everyone to own a real yard model on a pocket size scale.


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River Tanker

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